Pokémon Fanfiction by Philippa Gissing

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The Phantom Child

A sequel to Mewtwo Returns in which Mewtwo struggles to find the truth about the last piece of the puzzle; his missing memories. This is my love letter to the character and his saga in both Japanese and English: a personal tribute in prose form spanning two languages and differing translations, inspired by a radio drama, Mewtwo Strikes Back, Mewtwo Returns and most importantly The Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origin. Completed in 2013.

(The image of Nightmare!Amber in the Prologue belongs to Gemma Bright of Pokémon Rebirth. Used with permission. All other illustrations by Philippa Gissing.)

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Approximate Wordcount: 18680 words
Approximate Filesize: 6.3mB
Rating: T
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Prologue: The Nightmare Chapter One: Aftermath Chapter Two: Reflections Chapter Three: Trigger Chapter Four: Reactions Chapter Five: My First Remember Place Epilogue: The Dream
Wordcount: 1122 words Wordcount: 2684 words Wordcount: 2781 words Wordcount: 3834 words Wordcount: 2158 words Wordcount: 2404 words Wordcount: 1857 words
Filesize: 1.2mB Filesize: 889kB Filesize: 211kB Filesize: 1.2mB Filesize: 2mB Filesize: 175kB Filesize: 504kB
"Was everything before... just a dream?" "Who am I? What is my true reason for being?" "Your knowledge of Pokémon physiology proved useful to my plan." "You humans are a dangerous species." "Mew. So, finally we meet." "I sense others near me..." "But I remember something, someone..."

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The Game of Time

A time-travelling tale following on from the events of The Phantom Child. If Phantom was my love letter to Mewtwo, this one is my love letter to a whole bundle of things: time travel stories, Celebi, legendaries in general, all the oddities and differences that crop up when the Pokémon games and anime are compared, Pokémon mythology, glitches... and of course clones. See if you can spot all the references to pre-existing material in amongst the timey-wimey brain-breaking tomfoolery! Completed in 2015.

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Approximate Wordcount: 56471 words
Approximate Filesize: 10.1mB
Rating: M (coarse language)
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#1: What Happened to the Mouse? #2: Avengers Assemble #3: Refusal of the Call #4: Trapped in the Past #5: Eldritch #6: Multiple Choice Past #7: Clock Roaches #8: The Nothing After Death #9: Deus Ex Machina #10: Timey-Wimey Ball
Wordcount: 3478 words Wordcount: 5399 words Wordcount: 4273 words Wordcount: 6026 words Wordcount: 5634 words Wordcount: 9060 words Wordcount: 4661 words Wordcount: 6628 words Wordcount: 6455 words Wordcount: 3806 words
Filesize: 1.1mB Filesize: 4.2mB Filesize: 1.0mB Filesize: 800kB Filesize: 875kB Filesize: 482kB Filesize: 299kB Filesize: 527kB Filesize: 438kB Filesize: 287kB

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Cedar's Journey

What happens when I try my hand at polishing a tu- ah, shall we say... when I take an ancient yet personally nostalgic badly written story about a Mary Sue Original Trainer (Do Not Steal) and see what happens when I rewrite the entirety of it? Likely to contain angst, awkward timecuts and people with Poképowers. Titles subject to change. Who is Cedar? I guess we're all going to find out eventually!

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Approximate Wordcount: ? words
Approximate Filesize: ? mB
Rating: ?
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#1: Alan #2: Alanna
Wordcount: ? words Wordcount: ? words
Filesize: ? mB Filesize: ? mB

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