Pokémon Essays by Philippa Gissing

Here is the collection of my informal essays... with an emphasis on informal. I never altogether got the hang of writing formal essays during my studies at school and university, but that doesn't mean I don't love talking about Pokémon and giving my own spin on its media. So you won't find each paragraph frantically referencing other sources but the content will, with any luck, still be interesting.

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Pokémon The First Movie: An Informal Writeup

Because I wasn't tired of talking about Mewtwo yet but had long finished The Phantom Child here is a rambling writeup on everything from a history lesson about Australia's (and my) 1998, a condensed plot summary leading into a detailed breakdown of the movie: complete with metaphors, motifs both artistic and musical, themes, storybuilding, character building, my personal thoughts and more. Bonus screenshots! Written in 2016/2017

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